Americana Party Garland

Americana Party Garland

Create the perfect party element for your holiday gathering! Ideal for backyards, indoors, and camping! Keep it at the cottage all year round, you'll have a blast making it with family and friends.

This party garland makes for a great photo backdrop!

  • (12) Fabric, Ribbon, Textured, Trim Pieces.
  • (1) Yard or (3) Feet of fabric.
  • (1) Craft rope
Material Suggestions:
  • Richlin Liberty Poly/Cotton Broadcloth
  • Choice Fabrics Cotton 
  • Simplicity Pom Pom Fringe 3/4"X4'
  • Simplicity Ball Fringe
  • Simplicity Single Sequin
  • Jute Craft Rope
  • Fiskars Finishing Nails 25x1.4

Step One: Determine the finished size of your garland and cut your jute rope to length. Give yourself a little extra to make the loops for hanging. Cut your fabric into strips, we went with 2" strips pieces, and make sure the fabric is double the length that you want your garland to hang. Perfection isn't important with this shabby-chic garland!
We used two-inch strips to create a "fuller" effect.
We chose six different fabrics/patterns/solids and three different types of trim

We tied the strips in a repetitive order.
Step Two: Fold your strips in half and tie them in a knot around the rope. Make sure you tie them in the same direction to keep this more uniform. Keep adding strips until your garland reaches the fullness you would like. 

After tying the strips of fabric, we tied in the fun pieces of trim. 
Step Three: Add the trim bits sporadically to give your garland some shimmer!

A small nail and craft rope will hold the garland in place.
Step Four: Make the loops for hanging at the end of your rope. 

Americana Party Garland - The perfect party element that will gain attention! 


Add letters to the garland for extra effect! 

Step Five: Hang your fabulous garland with finishing nails!

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