Americana | How to Make Patriotic Pinwheels

Americana | How to Make Patriotic Pinwheels

Americana Summer Pinwheel Kids Craft Red White Blue Glitter Paper Sewing Pin Agave Shopping Arts and Craft American Flag

Americana Fourth of July Red White Blue Glitter Summer Kids Crafts American Flag Pinwheel Project

Americana | How to Make Patriotic Pinwheels
Create the perfect party element for your Patriotic gathering!

Ideal for backyards, indoors, and even camping! A creative craft to do at the house, cottage, local barbecue, and social gatherings. Get creative with family and friends with this simple, summertime craft project you can make with household materials.

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Let's get started! 

Glitter Cardstock:
Solid Cardstock:
Americana Cardstock:
Thumb Tacks:
Sewing Pins:
Hot Glue Gun:
Glue Stick:
Americana Fourth of July Materials Craft Kids Supplies Summer Red White Blue Craft Paper Sewing Pin Beads Thumbtack Double Sided cardstock GlueStep One: Cut your paper down to 6x6 squares. I selected glitter and solid card stock color(s) that I'll be gluing back-to-back—effectively creating a solid color side and a glitter side. Once you glue them together, set a few books on top of them while they dry. When you pull them up, check the sides and cut off any extra white that may not have lined up. 

Cut Scissors Pinwheel Summer Kids Craft Red White Blue Fold Thumbtack Sewing Needle

Use a ruler and draw a line from corner to corner, use a pencil to create the "X" onto the paper lightly. Poke the holes and cut the paper according to the paper below. The dots are where you'll need to poke the holes, and the "cut here" lines are where you'll need to cut.  

You can use a thumbtack or a sewing pin would work as well. With caution, go ahead and poke the holes (use paper for backing if needed.) Make cuts towards the center keeping all four cuts equal in length. 

Red White Blue Americana Pinwheel Project Kids Craft Sewing pin Thumbtack Bamboo Skewer Fourth of July Red White Blue Step Two: Use needle nose pliers to bend the pin. Ensure that you have enough space to fit the paper, the bead, and the skewer. Poke the pin through a hole in one of the corners. Then poke it through the second, third, and fourth corners. 
Hot Glue Summer Craft Art Project Pinwheel Fourth of July Red White Blue Americana Agave Shopping

Step Three: Now we'll create the spin portion. Slide a bead onto the pin: Use the thumbtack to poke a hole through the skewer about 1/4" from the end. More than likely the wood will split the skewer, which is okay as long as there's an opening for the pin to go through. Poke the pin through the hole in the skewer. Then rotate the pin so that it's laying flat against the skewer. 

Step Four: Gluing the pinwheel together. Use hot glue to cover the top part of the pin and fill in the crack where the skewer has split. Caution: Use your thumb to hold the bottom part of the pin, the glue will be hot! Be sure to completely cover the pin and apply a generous amount of hot glue on the sharp part of the pin. You'll want the pin to be completely secure so it won't pop off.

Step Five Pinwheel Kids Craft Project Summer Red White Blue Fourth of July Grass Outdoors Outside Red White Blue Americana USA

Step Five: Have fun with your pinwheel! By applying a generous amount of hot glue the pinwheels will become secure. These patriotic pinwheels are great to give out at a party, barbecue, parade or craft time with the kiddos! 

Have Fun Final Product Final Project Summer Fun Kids Craft Art Fourth of July Americana America USA Red White Blue Agave Shop Market


Enjoy your Americana Patriotic Pinwheel! 
Inspired by this project? Did you create a pinwheel of your own?
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