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Red Heart Super Saver Yarn-Day GlowRed Heart Super Saver Yarn-Day Glow
Red Heart Comfort Yarn-Bambi PrintRed Heart Comfort Yarn-Bambi Print
Red Heart Comfort Yarn-Turquoise & Blue PrintRed Heart Comfort Yarn-Turquoise & Blue Print
Red Heart Comfort Yarn-Melon GreenRed Heart Comfort Yarn-Melon Green
Red Heart Comfort Yarn-AmethystRed Heart Comfort Yarn-Amethyst
Red Heart Red Heart Comfort Yarn-Amethyst
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Red Heart Comfort Yarn-Shocking PinkRed Heart Comfort Yarn-Shocking Pink
Red Heart Comfort Yarn-JadeRed Heart Comfort Yarn-Jade
Red Heart Red Heart Comfort Yarn-Jade
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Red Heart Comfort Yarn-TurquoiseRed Heart Comfort Yarn-Turquoise
Red Heart Soft Yarn-WatercolorsRed Heart Soft Yarn-Watercolors
Red Heart Super Saver Yarn-CharcoalRed Heart Super Saver Yarn-Charcoal
Red Heart Super Saver Yarn-Grape FizzRed Heart Super Saver Yarn-Grape Fizz
Red Heart Super Saver Yarn-WildflowersRed Heart Super Saver Yarn-Wildflowers
Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn-CandiedRed Heart Unforgettable Yarn-Candied
Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn-TidalRed Heart Unforgettable Yarn-Tidal
Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn-PetuniaRed Heart Unforgettable Yarn-Petunia
Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn-ParrotRed Heart Unforgettable Yarn-Parrot
Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn-EchoRed Heart Unforgettable Yarn-Echo
Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn-DragonflyRed Heart Unforgettable Yarn-Dragonfly
Red Heart With Love Yarn-BeachyRed Heart With Love Yarn-Beachy
Red Heart With Love Yarn-Deep BluesRed Heart With Love Yarn-Deep Blues
Red Heart With Love Yarn-MerlotRed Heart With Love Yarn-Merlot
Red Heart With Love Yarn-Bubble GumRed Heart With Love Yarn-Bubble Gum
Red Heart With Love Yarn-AubergineRed Heart With Love Yarn-Aubergine
Red Heart With Love Yarn-TanRed Heart With Love Yarn-Tan
Red Heart Red Heart With Love Yarn-Tan
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